… wrapping it all up … toot-sweet :


What an event!  As always, it seemed like the finest bunch-o-friends a man could have merged together to operate as efficiently as I’ve ever seen.  Or could have imagined.  Quite simply outstanding!  With all the Flights running simultaneously across town from each other, the timing remained perfect.  All the details were in place … Information in every Players’ hands … O.B.’s defined and some accentuated with visual aids … CTP’s (flags or tape measures) all out-n-ready before each round … Water jugs full of ice-cold H2O at two positions per course … Baskets all properly numbered and tightened-up … Mandos clearly marked and signed … Drop-zones clearly specified as well … Spotters on the ready-and-willing with back-up plans for other possibilities (soccer at McClure, etc.) … as a matter of fact, throughout this tournament, we had “back-ups” in place … alternate personnel in position … substitute systems and “Plan B” always ready to implement … we had back-ups for our back-ups … and then there were the Players themselves … a well-mannered bunch of men, women, and children who helped keep this so smooth … very little signs of litter along the courses, even as I walked around them the next two nights … they all played well, flowed crisply from fairway-to-fairway, and seemed to remain courteous throughout the weekend  … another outstanding factor in this Event … I extend my sincere thanks to one and all!

Many records were achieved while running the “2006 Oklahoma Open” ... 
Most Open Pro Men (36), Most Pro Masters (23), etc. 
… but the ones that I’m proudest of :
Total Players: 193       Pro Cash Payout: $10,430       PDGA Event Value: $17,977
( and, we went into Awards before 4:30 Sunday )

Ever since Zooc created “The Oklahoma Open” in 2001, I have worked full-time on every one (as either off-site TD, asst. TD, co-TD).  They have all been great, and I have enjoyed them all.  Three years with Zooc, one year with Barr, and have been Tournament Director the last two years.  Sometime back, during preparations and organizing and structuring for the ’06 Event, I made a decision.  This was about April. Only my Wife and kiddos knew at the time.  Since then I have talked to and advised all who worked Staff with me on this one.  With all the energies and resources that I “canvas” into a particular tournament, six years seemed like a decade.  With all due respect, I step aside from “The Oklahoma Open” as TD.  I know full well that with all the young talent we see developing into capable Tournament Directors around here, this Event will be taken over adequately.  And I can now play in one (with all my friends).  Once again, it’s been a great run … thank you all.

Wayne Forest
PDGA – 7167            TDSA – 011            OKDGA – 049            SDGC – 041