Jose M. Mendoza

Height: 5' 11"   Weight:  Too Much

7-26-1970                                          WWW.KYCOM.COM

I have been playing disc golf since 1990.  I learned to play while in college at OSU.  I am relatively sure that disc golf is one of the main contributors to me taking five years to graduate rather than four.

    I am married to a wonderful woman that enjoys to throw the disc around some herself.  She is very supportive of me playing disc golf as I have needed quite a bit of support since turning pro in April of 2001.  I am happy with my decision to move up into the Open division.  Although, it has been rough at times it can also be very rewarding for me to play well in the most competitive division with the best players.  I thoroughly enjoyed my days as an Amateur.  I would not force or push anyone to move into the Pro division until they are ready to make that move and they want to make that move.  Therefore, you will never hear the word "sandbagger" come out of my mouth.

    I was introduced to disc golf by Cris Hicks who now lives in Austin, TX.  Cris is a very good Pro player that I have the privilege of calling my doubles partner.  We were on summer break in 1990 and Cris took me to Riverside in Tulsa.  I went to the bike shop that used to be on the corner of 41st and Riverside and bought my first disc.  Get this, it was a 200g. Lightning B-17 Flying Fortress.  I was hooked.  When we returned to Stillwater for college in the fall we played nearly everyday.  My competitive disc golf beginnings would not be complete without mentioning Ron Bear.  Ron showed us that there was more disc golf than just playing casual rounds.  He was running minis at Boomer Lake at the time.  He helped both of us get our games to the point to where we could be competitive.

    I have three great kids.  I have been blessed with the family that I have and I am very grateful for them.  My family keeps me grounded in what is important in life.  Disc golf is my hobby and hobbies are meant to be enjoyed.  I have taken out the family pictures in my wallet during a bad round to help me keep things in perspective.  It is amazing how often that will improve my play and my immediate attitude.  It just seems to help me through it and keep things in perspective.

    Recently, I have been given the opportunity to be the Tournament Director of The Stillwater Classic.  This has added an entirely new spin to my disc golf career.  I have enjoyed running it for the last two years and I look forward to being a part of The Stillwater Classic in the future.  For me, it is important for a T.D. to take control of the things that they can control and not to sweat the things that they cannot control.  Make things fun and give away everything that you can without losing money means you have a good tournament.  I believe if everything is run on time and you break even then you have ran a great tournament.

   I am also happy to work with the Sand Springs parks department on installing a new nine hole course.  The course is partially on the Charles Page High School property and Ray Brown park directly to the west of the high school campus.  With such close proximity to the high school, I have plans on giving disc golf demonstrations to the P.E. and Outdoor Education classes in the fall.  This should be very enjoyable and rewarding.

Favorite Local Courses:
Course Dovillio
The Bunker in S.S.
Hunter Park
Boomer Lake
Other Favorite Courses:
Water Works - Kansas City
Wilmont - Houston
Old Settler's Park - Round Rock

    I do not have very many aces, only 12. I do have an ace with several different approaches.  I have a skip ace.  I have an ace off a tree.  I have a two-finger sidearm ace.  I also have a thumber ace that bounced in from directly in front of the basket.  My first ace was at night so I did not even see it go in.  We heard it but that is no guarantee, it was about to kill me to wait for everyone else to throw so I could go see if it stayed in.  Most of my aces have been with unusual shots.  I think only two of my aces were straight shots right at the basket.  I have aced some of the more difficult holes.  For instance,  #8 at Woodson, #8 at McClure in the long position and the hole by the street at Hunter throwing the big hyzer over the trees on the right-side of the fairway(#13 now but I think it was #11 at the time).  Four of my aces have been on hole #8 at four different courses (Woodson, McClure, Chandler and Riverside).  Oddly enough, three of my aces are also on hole #13 (Boomer Lake, McClure and Dolese).